Detailed Reports Ready for Client Review

When you plan and purchase out of home media, your clients should understand the reasons for your strategy and the quality of the results. However, it can take a considerable amount of time to prepare this information in a format that is easy to present. We can provide you with professional client reports that make meetings easy and productive while building confidence in your recommendations.

Validate Your Strategy

With a clear visual model of the market, clients can understand opportunities faster. For example, a heat map constructed from key data sets is a powerful tool for showing how and why your plan will work. We have invested in both cutting edge technology and continuous training so that our staff can equip you with a well-planned strategy.

Carhartt Map


Clearly Present Your Media Delivery Results

When your client’s campaign has ended, you want them to be confident in the results you have achieved. You don’t have to spend any time compiling the data. Our Media Delivery reports will quickly show the cost and effectiveness of each format. Your presentation will be ready to deliver; you can even add your own company branding.



Learn More About Your Data and Reporting Options with OOHA Wilkins

We use the most sophisticated tools to ensure that your planning targets are met:

Full membership to the Traffic Audit Bureau and access to OOH Ratings

Full access to Telmar R/F and OOH planning software

Robust demographic reporting for your OOH plan including:

    • Reach
    • Frequency
    • Cost per Point
    • Cost per Thousand
    • Target Impressions
    • Market Impressions

& More

Contact us today to learn more about the full range of data and reporting we can provide.