Programmatic DOOH

Harness the power of programmatic digital out of home through The Wilkins Trading Desk

Digital out of home is the fastest growing media in the out of home landscape and is expected to exceed $8 Billion in global revenue this year. Currently, approximately 30% of out of home inventory is digital and it is predicted to reach 43% by 2023. Not only is inventory expanding, but programmatic buying of digital media is becoming the wave of the future, bringing the concept of real-time bidding closer to the out of home world.

The Wilkins Trading Desk combines the classic Wilkins managed service and out of home expertise you know and love with a robust data-driven platform to quickly and efficiently plan, buy, and execute best-in-class programmatic campaigns.

The Wilkins Trading Desk provides:

  • Access to nearly 100% of programmatic digital out of home inventory in the industry
  • Flexible spending minimums and media mixes
  • Audience targeting using 1st and/or 3rd party data, census data, and behaviors
  • Dynamic capabilities including dayparting, screen-filtering, weather/travel triggers
  • Opportunities to retarget exposed devices on any channel
  • Proprietary attribution methodology

No partnership agreement is needed. Contact us today to learn more about The Wilkins Trading Desk and how we can help with your digital out of home needs.

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