The Synergy Between OOH and Social Media


The Synergy Between OOH and Social Media

The best advertising campaigns use multiple platforms to create synergy and give their message more mileage. If you can make people interact with your message, it will spread well beyond the initial view. The rise of social media has added a new dimension to this tactic; a well-designed ad can start an internet buzz that brings new life to a campaign. It is hard to find a better example of this synergy than the creative out of home campaigns that target social media.

The partnership between outdoor advertising and social media is a win-win. Out of home media provides a large viewing audience that drives traffic, while social media helps keep the message alive. There are a few reasons you might want to consider this pairing.

Credibility and Trust
Out of home ads give credibility to businesses in a world where anyone can open an internet company in a day. This can give the extra boost of confidence needed to instill life into your social media conversation. However, once you are in that conversation, social media helps you get closer to customers and build trust in your brand. In order for this to work, you have to “be there” when viewers arrive; make sure you are posting content for your campaign and moderating the online conversation.

Brand Awareness

If you can generate a relevant conversation online, the reach this generates across social media will bring broader awareness to your brand. This can also work in the reverse direction; a small niche company that primarily engages with a loyal group of online followers can reach beyond its “inner circle” with a prominent outdoor campaign.

Fresh Content
Some companies have used social media to generate new content for their billboards. Hashtags that collect images from customers can keep ad content fresh and recycle the conversation. When this type of strategy is used, it created anticipation for the next billboard image.

A well-planned strategy is the key to a successful cross-platform campaign. Your out of home specialist can help you with a strategy that is right for your campaign goals.