The Growth of Experiential Advertising

People holding their smartphones and photographing concert

The Growth of Experiential Advertising

As experiential advertising continues to gain the attention of consumers, more marketers are taking notice. According to a study released this year by the Event Marketing Institute, it is a growing trend that is leading to incredibly effective campaigns. According to the findings, investment in experiential content was in the plans of over half of marketers this year. The study examined how content is generated from events and experiences and how marketers are using that content. It also looked at content that consumers are capturing and own and what content they are sharing across social media.

Although the immersive experience of these campaigns makes an impact, the excitement around experiential advertising focuses on consumer-generated content and the sharing of that content to friends. The study showed that ninety-eight percent of consumers capture content at live events, and 100% of those who capture content share it across their social media networks. Therefore, a live event is almost guaranteed to have a strong organic reach. Content generated by consumers also gives marketers authentic and persuasive material that can be re-purposed; nearly a third are using it for their traditional above-the-line campaigns.

“Using content from experiences across the marketing mix is adding to the growth of experiential marketing,” said Event Marketing Institute Group Editor Jessica Heasley, in a press release. “And as consumers themselves continue to create and share content from experiences, the trend is only expected to heat up.”

This solves a problem for marketers who are always looking for effective content that consumers are willing to share. Time that used to be spent on creating multiple pieces of brand-generated content can now be focused on one memorable experience that will spark a steady stream of content with high engagement. Eighty-three percent of consumers share content from events up to fifteen times, and almost half would prefer to share their own captured content than brand-generated content.

Experiential marketing covers a wide range of events, sponsorships, shows and stunts – and the creativity continues to push the boundaries of traditional advertising. Our team would be happy to discuss ideas for your client’s experiential campaign.