Targeting Specific Demographics with OOH

3D illustration of  targeting buyer.

Targeting Specific Demographics with OOH

There have been a number of advancements in the measurement capabilities of out of home media that have changed the way marketers reach their intended audience. Once considered a broad form of advertising to the general public, today’s OOH displays can be carefully planned to target very specific demographics. For example, the data management platform Telmar can now provide useful statistics on out of home inventory such as impressions, Target Rating Points, or Reach & Frequency. Geopath, formerly the Traffic Audit Bureau, offers advanced audience location measurement and insights to the OOH industry.

This means that your OOH campaign can be targeted to reach consumers based on factors such as age, sex, household income, race or ethnicity, and occupation. Whether your intended audience is women or men, wealthy or working class, millennials or baby-boomers, a strategic combination of OOH inventory can be chosen for an effective campaign.

How is this level of data possible for outdoor displays? By combining detailed U.S. Census information with extensive travel surveys, data specialists have produced fine-tuned demographic information for specific locations throughout the country. The census provides specific data on work destinations and frequency for very small blocks of residential areas. In addition, Geopath has conducted 50,000 travel surveys in fifteen different markets. These surveys reveal the types and frequency of trips Americans of different demographics make. When this data is examined together, the result is a powerful and precise system of measurement.

What demographics are you targeting in your current campaign? Our team would love to help you reach your intended audience with a customized out of home media plan.