Reaching Moms with OOH

Mother and son outdoors

Reaching Moms with OOH

If you are planning a campaign to reach moms, the ability of out of home media to drive traffic online is important to understand. OOH media delivers more online activity per ad dollar spent than television, radio, or print media. This unique strength is especially important when targeting moms. A study released in late 2013 revealed that American mothers are active participants in the digital age; more active in some areas than the rest of the general population. In fact, half of all women are online moms, so this is not a group that you want to overlook. There are two areas in particular where their presence stands out.


Smartphones are almost indispensable for moms, who are often running from the office to childcare to sports practice and accomplishing several tasks in between. A Smartphone lets moms sneak in an email or schedule an appointment while waiting for the soccer game to start, or quickly make a deposit into the school lunch account before walking into a meeting. Perhaps this is why moms own smartphones at a slightly higher rate than the general population, and 90 percent of moms have their phone by their side while shopping, watching TV, in the car, in bed and in the kitchen.

Social Media

Moms take social media seriously, and they are 20 percent more likely than the general population to use it. Women who are busy balancing different roles and responsibilities have learned how to use social media to multi-task and save time; it offers a great way to engage with friends and find out what is working for them before making a purchase. Most moms view their social networks as a valuable way to get opinions from people they trust; two-thirds view social networks as a source of information, and over half will follow up on product recommendations received on social media to learn more.

Why OOH is the Solution

The lesson for an advertiser? If you want to reach a mom, direct her to your online presence. Because OOH has the most successful rate of driving online activity, it should be a critical part of your advertising mix. Our team can help you identify the best ways to link moms to with your website or social media page using OOH. Contact us to learn more.