OOH Media: The Catalyst in a Profitable Media Package


OOH Media: The Catalyst in a Profitable Media Package

What if you could apply a catalyst to improve the results of all media channels? This is exactly what out of home media can do for your client. OOH has been proven to increase overall reach of campaigns, and combining OOH with other has been shown to increase reach by 300% or more.

OOH boosts overall reach and impact because it is largely consumed in isolation from other media. This combination creates a synergy that supports the message seen and heard in other formats. According to the Media Behavior Institute, OOH gives television ads an 18 percent higher reach and radio ads a 45 percent higher reach. The increase when combined with internet advertising is slightly higher at 68 percent. However social networking and mobile advertisement receive significant boost from OOH at 212 percent and 316 percent, respectively.

Reach is not the only impact that OOH can have on your media campaign. Out of home media has also been proven to increase sales. MarketShare Partners reports a sales lift for fixed spend in every media channel when OOH is added to the campaign. OOH can drive action, such as visiting a website or a retail location. This synergy is especially high between OOH and Internet or mobile advertising. For example, two-thirds of consumers have searched the web as a direct result of ooh ads.

Groups most responsive to OOH are younger, more affluent and more connected. High concentrations of OOH in urban areas make it ideal for targeting Millennials, a group that is growing in economic influence as they drive the urban population.

OOH impressions influence both search and purchase behavior. A well-planned OOH campaign can create a conversation on social media, increase website traffic, or send customers to a weekend sale.

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