Missed Opportunities – Why OOH is easier and more effective than you think.


Missed Opportunities – Why OOH is easier and more effective than you think.

Lately, it seems marketers come up with all sorts of reasons to avoid out of home advertising, and we’ve heard every excuse in the book.

“It’s too old-school.”
“It’s impossible to measure.”
“It’s not targeted enough.”
“The up-front costs are too high.”
“It’s time-consuming and hard to implement.”
And the biggest one … “It costs too much labor capital.”

We get it. Out of home advertising is a different animal than what many of today’s marketers are used to. Unlike online advertising, which lets you buy millions of dollars in media with just a few clicks of a button, outdoor campaigns require a bit more footwork.

And we’d be the first to admit OOH requires more physical work than other advertising strategies. You may have to actually visit an ad location to really visualize your campaign, or you might have to invest more hours in plotting, planning and producing your ads. It just comes with the territory.

But unlike with other media, outdoor allows you to get back what you put in. While you may have purchased $2 million in programmatic ads on the web, you’ll likely only get a small fraction of that back. With OOH? Your return is much larger. In fact, according to OAAA Out of Home produces a higher return on investment than radio, print and online display ads. The more you spend on OOH, the bigger your returns will be.

And what’s even better? Out of home ads can actually improve the ROI of your other media campaigns as well (pretty significantly, too.) So let’s dive deeper into why OOH should be a consideration when planning a marketing campaign:

Many Targeting Options – Out of home is an inherently local medium, and because of this, it’s also highly targetable. Sure, you can’t pick and choose exactly who sees your billboard, but with some amazing tools we OOH agencies have, you can choose a location for your ad that’s where your target audience lives, works, plays or commutes. What’s more, you can anchor your brand to a specific location, too, and that can have long-lasting, even permanent results.

Measurable Reach and Impact – Many advertisers shy away from outdoor media, saying “We only use direct response strategies.” While you might not get real-time viewing data like you could with an online ad, OOH campaign measurement and analytics tools are really quite robust. We can break down outdoor viewing into more than 1,100 demographic groups, telling you more about your audience and customers than you ever thought possible, and we can even detail when your ad is being seen — days, hours, seasons, etc. — so you can further tailor your ad to be its most effective, lucrative and successful. Check out our recent blog to learn more about how we measure the impact of OOH campaigns here at OOHA Wilkins.

We Handle the Heavy Lifting – There certainly are some ad mediums that are easier and faster to use, and they will probably take up less labor capital. With online advertising, buyers can do it all in a matter of seconds and maybe even from the comfort of their couch. It’s a low-cost, low-barrier to entry medium. But with that low barrier to entry also comes a high rate of failure — or at least failure to meet expectations. Sure, you may get a few clicks here and there, but few online ads really stick with a consumer, and the ROI on these campaigns when compared with OOH ones can prove it. In the end, it’s a matter of looking at your labor capital as an investment. Though it may cost you more in hourly wages to set up an OOH campaign, what you stand to gain is infinitely more valuable that what most other ad mediums can offer – plain and simple.

OOH Evolves With Technology – Though OOH advertising has been around for decades, it’s certainly not out-of-date, and it’s definitely still relevant to today’s market. No matter how digital our society gets, your target audience is still commuting to work, driving to school, and moving about town for shopping, entertainment and more. Those are all opportunities to reach customers through OOH marketing — and in a much more tangible way than online ads can ever offer. Outdoor ads are disruptive; you can’t block them out with ad blockers, and you can’t skim past them while reading. They’re big, they’re bold, and they’re in your face. That’s why they’ve been around for so long … they’re effective.

Simply put, OOH works, and we can prove it. When you’re ready to supercharge your campaign let us know. We can take the work out of planning, help you with targeting and make sure your message is heard.