Grand Openings: Fluid Dates, Perfect Execution

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Grand Openings: Fluid Dates, Perfect Execution

Your client is getting ready for an important grand opening, and you are in charge of the OOH advertising. Prepare for a demanding project. Purchasing media for grand openings can prove to be challenging; the fact is that many openings are delayed and critical dates change often. How do you manage the details of a campaign that needs careful planning but might need last minute changes? Here are some guidelines for executing a successful grand opening campaign with fluid dates.

Plan as early as possible.

When you begin working on a grand opening campaign, your should anticipate delays and create a backup plan. However, you should start planning as early as possible, so that you have access to the best inventory in the market. Be well-prepared, but don’t contract media without a solid grand opening date. Also, be sure to get cancellation privileges included in your contract. An OOH company with established vendor relationships should be able to negotiate this for you.

Make the most of limited GO budgets.

Budgets for grand openings be limited, sometimes less than $5,000-$10,000. However, GO media plans also typically require high reach within the target market. This is difficult, but not impossible. An experienced OOH specialist can help you find the highest reach options with a low price tag. These include transit shelters, rail platform media, and interstate bulletins. The best strategy is to stay within close proximity to the store and choose inventory that works directionally.

Pay careful attention to detail and timing.

The nature of grand openings provides a tiny window for success. Therefore, everything must be executed perfectly and on time. This means that you will have to work diligently to confirm that materials arrive at the vendor and ads get posted on time. If you work with us, our production department will be dedicated to making sure that every detail is executed flawlessly.

Consider digital displays.

Even in the absence of a delay, grand openings usually require content changes mid-campaign. This can be as simple as changing the message from “coming soon” to “now open.” However, creative changes can be expensive. If your client’s budget has room for a creative change out in the middle of the campaign then you should do it. If the budget is too tight, then you should take advantage of the flexibility of digital displays. Digital signage allows you to enhance the ad with a countdown, deal of the day, or other changing content.

What about “zoned out” markets?

Some markets have little to no traditional OOH Inventory. Four U.S. states (Vermont, Hawaii, Maine, Alaska) are “zoned out” of traditional OOH inventory. You can still reach these markets with less traditional options like transit and airport displays. You should also consider experiential advertising; it can make great in-person impact at low cost. Just be sure to use reputable providers that will show up, stand by their work and provide documentation.
Hard work and careful planning can make your client’s grand opening a success. At OOHA Wilkins, we have lots of experience with successful grand openings. Contact us today to learn more about executing a flawless grand opening campaign.