Engage Prospects Where Attention is High

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Engage Prospects Where Attention is High

When you create a media plan for your client, it is important to engage prospects where their attention is highest throughout the day. Cable and broadcast media can be effective, but television engages viewers most when they are at home. Newspaper, magazine, and even internet ads reach people primarily during their personal time. Your audience is made up of busy people leading fast-paced lives. They are commuting every day, now more than ever. The average consumer spends over 20 hours per week traveling and covers 169 miles. How will you reach prospects during the commute and afternoon hours when they are on the move?

Billboards offer high engagement in a channel that is viewed by almost everyone. Ninety percent of Americans have traveled the roads or rails in the past month, including cars, trucks, buses, taxis, commuter rails and subways. These travelers are not just passing your billboards – they are paying attention.

· 82% look at billboard ads
· 46% habitually look at billboards (always or most of the time)
· 75% of US adults have noticed OOH ads in the past month

Billboards also reach customers during a time period when it is hardest to reach them by any other format. The peak time to reach people with billboard ads is during those hours when consumers are away from home, from 10:00 am-7:00 pm. This is why billboard ads complete a well-rounded media plan; they fill gaps in your daily reach with high engagement, keeping your campaign active throughout the day.

Billboards are also the most viewed out of home medium and generate strong recall. A consumer who is traveling has limited options to ignore your billboard ad; their attention is captivated and often cannot be redirected, especially when driving. Even a radio spot can be zapped away with a touch of a button, but billboards are hard to ignore. Roughly two-thirds of travelers recall seeing a billboard advertisement in the past month, and over 4 in 10 recall seeing a digital billboard.

If you want to achieve high engagement, out of home media should be significant piece of your plan, and billboards should be at the top of the list. Today’s metrics that are available for choosing billboard inventory allow you to execute targeted campaigns with high impact. Talk to one of our out of home specialists today to learn how we can help you strategically target your billboard ads.