Addressability and Analytics Lead to Proof of ROI

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Addressability and Analytics Lead to Proof of ROI

Though many assume out of home media to be a broader-reach type of advertising, thanks to advancing technology, it can now offer marketers a unique one-to-one option that simply wasn’t available in decades past.

With enhancements like beacons and geofencing out of home media buys are now a bona fide way to reach one single consumer at a time, influencing them directly and immediately through their mobile phone virtually anywhere in the world.

But increased one-on-one addressability is only one of the perks of advancing out of home media. In addition to the expanded reach it affords, this type of advertising inventory also affords marketers some unique insights into a target buyer’s behavior, as well as the effectiveness of their overall ad buys and strategies.

Actionable Analytics

Thanks to GPS tracking technology and other built-in analytics, out of home media buys can offer marketers actionable, powerful data on:

  • Sales lift
  • Changes in awareness
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Consumer preference by region
  • Effectiveness of creative
  • Coupon redemption rate

These rich data points can help power better, more effective advertising decisions, allow marketers to justify their ad buys to executives and higher-ups, and give them info that can improve results and boost returns on future advertising investments.

Marketers are yearning for actionable data. According to a recent survey from Unica, “turning data into actions” and “attributing success to marketing” were their top two priorities. On top of this, they also cited “measurement and analysis” as the biggest bottlenecks currently holding back media decisions today.

The data provided through improved out of home addressability can remove these bottlenecks and help advertisers show concrete ROI. As an example, let’s look at a recent PumpTop TV campaign by PepsiCo, which included out of home video advertising for its sub-brand AMP Energy on gas station pumps.

After the campaign had concluded, PepsiCo was able to note a 213 percent increase in brand awareness, a 277 percent jump in purchase intent and a 150 percent increase in individuals willing to recommend the AMP Energy drink to friends and family. This type of data gives PepsiCo immense insight into overall effectiveness of their campaign dollars, as well as guidance as to how to spend those dollars on future advertising buys.


Get Started with Addressable Out of Home Media

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