5 Considerations for Planning & Buying Media for the Music Business


5 Considerations for Planning & Buying Media for the Music Business

  1. Plan Ahead: Advertising should never be looked at as something to throw together last minute if there are extra funds leftover in the budget. A well planned and thought out campaign could very well be the make or break on the road to the #1 spot on the charts. More lead time means more options and more time for us to negotiate


  1. Be Creative: Anyone can post an album cover with a graphic of the release date slapped on top. Yet what if the image really turned some heads? You only have a split second to capture the consumer’s attention while on the road- other times you can create something fun for the consumer to interact with. There’s a lot of clutter in the world of Outdoor ads and being creative doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. What are you going to do to stand apart from the rest? Let us help


  1. Take Risks: If you think of the most successful folks in this world, their success rarely came from playing it safe. The music business used to set the trends by taking risks so try something that’s never been done before. The attention your campaign receives can only help your artists & products


  1. Get The Artists/Fans Involved: We live in a social media age so have your artists tweet the locations of the ads to their fans, encourage fans to upload pics interacting with the placements. Fans are looking for an experience these days, not a free download. Social media should lend to the effectiveness of the OOH placement and vice versa by talking directly to your audience and allowing them to talk back


  1. Allow The Planner to Flex His/Her Muscle: We’ve all been in this business for many many years and have an extensive knowledge base when it comes to OOH. Our next big idea could be one that you would have never dreamt of as creative outdoor advertising is constantly changing. Following our lead will guarantee you are at the front of the pack with this ever evolving medium