Case Studies

Case Studies

Is That Space Legal?


To announce the release of  “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and the correlating giveaway, we hung a Jeep Wrangler above Times Square and created a snowstorm in October.  The snowflakes stopped New York pedestrians in their tracks to capture and share the display.

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Rock Climbers in Times Square!


With a massive, 120-foot climbing wall hoisted high in Times Square, the “How Far Will You Take It” campaign got instant notice. It was the first billboard of its kind in Times Square and the tallest outdoor climbing wall ever to be built in New York City.

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Lane Bryant: Eye-Catching Out of Home Amplified by Social Media


Today’s average American woman is 5’4” tall and weighs between 140 and 150 lbs.  She has a waist size of 34 to 35 inches and wears a dress size between 12 and 14.

Lane Bryant committed its full marketing resources to honoring the image of average-sized women and reminding them that there’s nothing keeping “average” from being sexy.

So how were they able to achieve this—and move the needle on sales and customer acquisition—while leveraging social media and press exposure to create massive earned impressions? By using America’s most public media format: OOH.

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PBS: Downton Abbey Tea Truck Experience


For five days, Downton Abbey fans and superfans alike flocked from all corners of New York City to be served tea biscuits and a special Republic of Tea blend from a fully-wrapped food truck by properly attired maidservants and butlers. Additionally, fans of the show were treated to specially-created Downton Abbey content on the truck’s video screen.

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Experiential Success: The Weeknd “Starboy” Installation


On Black Friday 2016, shoppers along Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame got a treat.  No, it wasn’t another sale or discount.  It was a live experiential stunt for The Weeknd’s third album, “Starboy.” Complete with a beaten up car, music, a giant, glowing lightning bolt and plenty of selfie fodder, the activation generated social media buzz up and down the street—and across the world.

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